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May 20th, 2012

05:54 pm: Fic recs )

My nephew has been up since Wednesday with his mum and it was lovely as he was very smiley and alert. He did go through a stage yesterday of screaming every time I walked past but we think he was just tired.

I have also been half keeping up with the England v West Indies in the first test match. Bleurgh. It's just not that exciting.

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May 1st, 2012

10:08 pm: It's felt like such a long week so far and it's only Tuesday. How is it only Tuesday? I swear time and space are playing silly buggers.

I went to see Moon On A Rainbow Shawl last week and I really enjoyed it. I think I got more out of as I recognised a lot of the little references it as the playwright was Trinidadian. The actors mostly did well with the accent although Ephraim's in particular wandered a bit.

Fic Recs )

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April 19th, 2012

09:31 pm: Why did no-one mention Make It Or Break It was back? *flails with glee* The first 4 episodes of season 3 are now available and I am so looking forward to watching them. Ok, I know it's as cheesy as all get out and realism kind of gets left at the door but it's fun. And passes the Bechdel Test in spades which actually makes it fairly feminist friendly programming as far as ABC family goes and has an out bi man in the season finale of last season which is as rare as hen's teeth.

Thursday night in is sorted

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April 17th, 2012

11:06 pm: I keep on flaky as I have fifty bazillion plates to keep spinning and only half managing it. It's spring time so my dark clouds will be mostly be gone until the autumn which is good. It's funny how much easier it is to cope when there's more hours of day light.

Happy belated birthdays to them who's had them in the last few months and happy birthday in advance to those coming up in the near future including the adorable [info]creatore_magico. Also congratulations to [info]dora_the_nymph upon her nuptials! The pictures looks so lovely. I hope you two are wonderfully happy together.

RL drivel for them's who's interested )

Also a couple of fic recs  )

In other off-line news, I have discovered and devoured the Hunger Games/ I'm not feeling fandomy about the books or the film even though I though the film was a fairly good adaptation, some of the batshit craziness I have seen has been insane. It could just be that I have stumbled the one wanky bit of the fandom but it's fairly distasteful race!fail where if people had actually read the book known two particular characters were canonically black at at least two others could be interpreted as have mixed parentage. I have also been playing a little with Glee. But it's early Glee before gets too problematic but I may not too much further than season 1. And best news ever is that Make It Or Break It is back for Season 3 and I have 3 episodes to catch up on. Whee!

So on that positive note, I will continue plough my way through my backlogged flist

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January 30th, 2012

12:47 am: Happy belated birthdays to lots of people: [info]thistlerose, [info]lessthanpie, [info]aigooism, [info]son_of_darkness, [info]spookykat, [info]laenij and [info]raelinschaos. Hope you all had lovely birthdays and apologies if I missed anyone.

I had grand epic plans for this weekend which included in fandomy stuff. But I will definitely get on that. Doing overtime on a Saturday is good for the payslip but not when you need to fit in more in less time and Sundays are your only opportunity for a lie in. Might as well take the opportunity to do the overtime whilst there's the budget to pay for and the work's there. (Well there work's always going to be there and not to go away any time with the unemployment rates and high rents are at the moment.)

Just one rec as I have no time for reading this week - Smudged Ink Billy Elliot. Billy and Michael grow up in their letters and it's actually quite sweet

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January 16th, 2012

12:34 am: Happy belated birthday to [info]sabethea. Happy birthday to [info]pinkfinity

About half a dozen fic recs for you )

I would have more except I still have bazillions of tabs open so more will be coming at some point. I also need to be up in approximately 6 hours.

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January 5th, 2012

11:15 pm: Drive by fic recs
So Many Letters Torchwood G. A lot of letters come from those who went to solider in WW1.

Genealogies of Silence St Trinians (Mature) Warnings for : Racism (hate crimes, racist language), mentions of rape (non-graphic) and rape aftermath. and I have been reading this the end of last year and I am completely inarticulate on how much I want those to give this a go. It's long (~90,000 words with a lot of OCs) These are the things we don't talk about. This is the story we never tell. Take time to read this.

And on a lighter note, Of String Theory, Bad Poetry, and Head Girl Badges St Trinians. How Kelly gets to be Head Girl

Ten Percent Malory Towers/Torchwood (G) Set during the events of Children of Earth. Darrell isn't going to stand for it. When I saw the summary, I didn't it would work. But it does - only tangently Torchwood.

And a lot the drabbles on [info]sabethea's tag here

I have a few others that I am reading in my tabs before I hit up [info]yuletide so I have achieved something today and tomorrow's Friday. SO hurrah.

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January 3rd, 2012

11:39 pm: Happy birthday to [info]heyhoolou. Hope you had a lovely day.

I am rocking my New Year pyjamas (We have a tradition in out family that Father Christmas brings you new knickers in your stocking and you get new pyjamas for the New Year. Everyone's happy and it's a sign that we are getting old that we are genuinely pleased to getting underwear and socks for Christmas.)

I also think I need to get back into my embroidery. I found that when I was making my Secret Santa that I found it quite relaxing do I will have a poke around for new patterns and stuff this week.

And I would quite like some more general icons. It's hard when you haven't been feeling particularly fandomy so if people have sure fire comms etc they can link me to, that would be much appreciated. But I don't have any Skins icons and this makes me sad.

The big news story today is the conviction of two men for the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Stephen Lawrence was murdered in April 1993 - just before we moved back to the UK and it's one of the 1st news stories that I remember from that time and the ongoing saga of the following 18 years bought race relations particularly with the police into the spotlight. Gah. A lot of people are saying things are better now ut I'm not sure that it is.

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January 2nd, 2012

11:55 pm: Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone had a lovely end of year and is ready to go back to work/school/RL :)

I am delurking again and have semi caught up but have resolved to do better in the New Year. So my New Year resolutions are as follows:

1. Keep up with LJ/DW (bearing in mind the latest kerfuffle) and actually comment.

1.5. Actually post semi regularly.

2. Write some fic this year. My best bet is a NYR for [info]yuletide

3. Make recs for the fic and meta I do read. I currently have tabs open from November which I am halfway through reading and some recs from the holiday fests

Christmas was lovely and too much food was had by all. New Year was spent at home with my parents and drinking fizz and watching Jools Holland. And I have a new nephew born on NYE which I am very excited about. Name unknown but we have been joking that as we only have a limited pool of family names to choose from, it won't be that difficult to guess. But Sebastian is in the running which is not a family name so watch this space :)

New job (as in old job but with more pay) starts tomorrow. Hopefully the dust will have settled after the whole reorganisation process and people actually start behaving like grown ups and just get on with their jobs. I am not expecting this to happen but I am trying to be nicer to people this year and give them the benefit of the doubt.

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November 17th, 2011

12:07 am: Self, what the fuck are you still doing up. You have to be out of the house in 6 and 1/2 hours and be coherent enough to grapple Easyjet. Telling yourself you can have a nap when you get to the other won't help as you will have stuff to do when you get to the other end.

In other news, job applications have now been submitted. It was getting to the point where I was going cross-eyed and mixed messages were coming from HR. I wouldn't say they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery but you wonder at times. Hopefully I'll know next week whether I've been short listed.

I'm off for a few days. Will be back Mondayish. And still won't have time to watch Merlin before I go.

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November 7th, 2011

10:39 pm: Today has been all about sleeping and job applications. And I'm talking about hardcore note taking and drafting. However, I can't submit until tomorrow at the earliest as that is when the job specs come through. So I keep having to channel a mantra of "I'm fucking fabulous and you'll be stupid not to hire me."

And also trawling through [info]yuletide NYR prompts to see if I get bunnied and therefore I can get off the shit list and maybe enter next year. Also I haven't written any fic since last year and that makes me sad. I think I've settled my bunnies for Swallows and Amazons where Nancy joins the WRENS and rescues John at Dunkirk (it kind of works if you fudge the timelines a couple of years either way)

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October 27th, 2011

10:02 pm: Why aren't I asleep yet? Mainly because I waiting for a call to do the station run but it means I can't even get into my jimjams. But that is an aside as I can't wait to see people this weekend. I think I have packed everything - including sleeping bag and robes and torch. I have also packed some mulled wine sachets if we want to have a go at pick some on Saturday or something. Is there anything I've forgotten?

Most importantly, I have caught up on Marlin in case of a viewing party. :D Brief thoughts on Season 4 )

I haven't finished watching season 6 of Supernatural let alone started season 7. Am I missing much by taking my time catching up?

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October 24th, 2011

10:25 pm: *waves*
*dusts off journal*

Testing testing )

I have mostly being snowed under at work with restructures and redundancies and having to apply for my own and general shit like that. Added to my computer dying a mini death (and it's currently essentially being held together with chewing gum and string) and I have just been out of it really. And the longer I have been out of it there harder it is to get back into the swing of things.

So this is me. Saying hi and putting my toe back in the waters.


December 20th, 2010

10:12 pm: Tales of being a mardy cow )

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December 14th, 2010

11:50 pm: Title: It makes sense in context
Rating: G-PG
Warnings: None
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 213
Notes: Written for [info]woldy's informal femmeslash exchange. Taken from [info]liseuse's prompt Angelina/Parvati, duvet covers, max rating NC-17. Yeah just a fluffy wee drabble thingy.

It makse sense in context )

Title: Only today the fire shines brightly
Rating: PG for swearing
Warnings: None except shameless reference to the Ashes
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 181
Notes: Written for [info]woldy's informal femmeslash exchange. Taken from [info]liseuse's prompt Angelina/Parvati, duvet covers, max rating NC-17.

Only today the fire shines brightly )

Title: Ynys yr Afalon
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 171
Notes: Written for [info]woldy's informal femmeslash exchange. Taken from [info]liseuse's prompt Angelina/Parvati, duvet covers, max rating NC-17. Sorry this one didn’t follow the prompt

Ynys yr Afalon )

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11:40 pm: Christmas 1980 A sweet fic with vinginettes of different families just before the first war.

Especially in the Month of June 6 year old Neville finds out about his parents and this was an especially adorable Neville and bonus!Susan Bones.

Putting the Natives at Ease Narnia!fic mainly focusing on Mr and Mrs Pevensie and this just made flail with joy. It feels right and in fact check out all the ficlets she's written in this universe. Post WW2 and see what happens when you put 15 years battle experience in a young man's body.

In the Light, Remember Polly has her miracles, Kelly has the memory of a Saviour, but all Annabelle has is popcorn on a string. St Trinian's. This makes me have flaily hands of glee

Thank you for the cards from [info]aigooism, [info]such_heights and [info]silvernatasha. Mine are being written tomorrow.


November 27th, 2010

02:23 pm: Dear [info]yuletide author,

Sorry this is so late. I will love anything you will write for any of these fandoms but here are some more details on them anyway! As a pan fandom cravat, gen, het, slash and femmeslash of any rating would be lovely.

Yuletide ramblings )

And if I am late commenting, it doesn't mean I hate your fic. I am away in another country between 22nd December and 4th January so my internet access will be patchy if non existent.


November 23rd, 2010

11:00 pm: If you want a card this year and I haven't got an up to date address for you, please give it to me! I love sending them out. Comments are screened and if you want to check on the address I hold, please click on the seasons greetings tag.

I spent the most of the last week Not AT Home and bloody hell it's tiring. Spending time waiting for trains but when I got where I was going, it was lovely and catching up with people I hadn't since last year. Blimey, how do people commute for longer than about half an hour and not be exhausted?

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10:50 pm: FIC: All Love Is Sweet
Title: All love is sweet
Rating: PG
Warnings: Off screen sexual activity and non sexual nudity, on screen mild drug use
Genre(s): fluff/angst
Word Count: 1530
Summary: How can you tell when things changed? And when do you stop living in the past and start embracing the future?
Notes: Thanks to my sister for giving this a quick beta. All remaining mistakes are mine.

All Love Is Sweet )

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November 9th, 2010

09:54 pm: Happy belated birthdays to [info]abbeydale, [info]tudorrose1533.[info]nessaja82, [info]schmoo999 and happy birthday to [info]lkaet

Fic recs )

I know I have knowledgeable people on my flist. I am looking for book recs for my two American cousins. E is a 15 year girl and is currently into the Ender's Game series. T is a 13 year old boy and is into Stephen King. I would prefer recs that they wouldn't necessarily have come across in the States but any ideas are welcome.

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